General Civil Litigation

The attorneys at Taylor & Knight have earned a strong reputation for quality representation at all stages of civil litigation: pretrial negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, trial and appeal. We are large enough to marshal the resources for high-stakes lawsuits, yet we are committed to close, personal attention to each client. Our attorneys have almost 90 years of collective litigation experience and they routinely draw on that rich and committed experience to deliver effective representation that strives for winning results.

Our approach to civil litigation

Many of these suits can be won – and should be won – prior to trial. The attorneys of Taylor & Knight strive to develop legal arguments geared toward the crafting of a tight, well-reasoned motion to dismiss or motion for summary judgment. We have an outstanding record of developing successful discovery plans and drafting motions that can win cases in state and federal courts.

Alternative dispute resolution can save time + expense

The attorneys at Taylor & Knight make full use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as mediation and arbitration, when such participation is appropriate and cost-effective for our clients. However, our attorneys also enjoy a successful track record with almost 90 years of collective experience of trying cases before judges and juries throughout the State of Tennessee. In either case, we remain client-centered, keeping in mind our clients’ interests and needs.

Appellate attorneys at the ready

The attorneys at Taylor & Knight have a strong background in appellate work throughout the federal and state courts of appeal. Consequently, they are able to draft motions with an eye on the appellate ramifications before the matter is even heard by the trial court. The depth and range of our experience increases efficiency in our pretrial and trial work. If an appeal becomes necessary, the attorneys at Taylor & Knight are here to provide clients with skilled representation. Our success on appeal has won our firm an enviable reputation in East Tennessee.

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The experienced attorneys at Taylor & Knight can provide zealous representation throughout Tennessee. If you are embroiled in a controversy that you believe could lead to liability, the attorneys of Taylor & Knight are available to assist you.

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